Thursday, March 6, 2014

2nd Annual Komikon Baguio was AWESOME!

I realize this is a super late blog entry but hey, better late than never right, right? Right! So here goes my report for the 2nd Annual Komikon Baguio which took place last 08 February 2014.

This, of course, was a special event for us since for the first time (and perhaps the last! Haha!), I have been invited as a special guest. Also, we were to launch our new Baby Days Comics. We were so excited we went to Baguio a day earlier! We stayed at the home of my bestfriend.

Unfortunately, we were still a little late on the event itself. Too bad, we didn’t anticipate how long it would take us from Ambiong to the venue. I’d have to say I was touched with the sweetness of the organizers though. They texted me, asked where we were, and offered to pick us up. I said thanks and assured them we were on our way.

Upon arrival, we were again impressed because some volunteers helped us carry our stuff to the 4th floor.
Already waiting for me upstairs was fellow Pangalatoons member Remar Khalid Ragudos with his daughter Khairah. He brought several copies of his first comic 15 Watts which we later gave away for free. I’m really proud of that guy! Shortly thereafter, my good friends (and all-time favorite Komikon couple of mine haha)  Myke Guisinga and Robin Rivero also arrived to promote Myke’s upcoming stuff from Advent Comics. So yeps, I had the coolest table-mates that day!

Photo credits: Remar Khalid Ragudos
Photo credits: Remar Khalid Ragudos
Around after lunch, I was called onstage to deliver a brief message. I started it with a little game and gave away copies of Baby Days and 15 Watts for those who participated. I then spoke a bit about the power of collaboration, addressing specifically those who are planning to make comics for the first time but couldn’t begin somehow. It was my first time to speak in such a setting and, while fun, I’d admit it was a nerve-wracking experience haha!
Photo credits: Komikon Baguio
Photo credits: Komikon Baguio
Later on, I was again invited to share the stage with the other guests for a panel discussion. I enjoyed that part. Also, it’s really a huge honor to sit beside some of the industry’s top talents.

Photo credits: Komikon Baguio
Photo credits: Komikon Baguio
Photo credits: Komikon Baguio
Yuri joined me onstage too. I guess the buy didn't want to miss out on the fun!

The rest of the time was spent on our designated table, pitching our books to the attendees. It was, as always, fun to interact with the readers and to make new friends. That is definitely my favorite part of the event!
  Photo credits: Remar Khalid Ragudos
 Photo credits: Remar Khalid Ragudos

Here’s the rest of the pictures:

Aside from the comics, we also sold these chocolates my wife made!

Of course, the SIKAMI Anthology was available on our table, too.
Remar signing our anthology for a fan!

True to our Komikon tradition, little Yuri again wore a costume.
To this day, though, I still can't figure out whether he's a dragon or a dino. lol!
Photo credits: Remar Khalid Ragudos

A funny experience: These "fan girls", as they called themselves, bought a copy of "My Wife Is Pregnant." They asked for Yuri's autograph, not mine. Afterwards, they turned to me and said "Sige kuya, ikaw na rin." I was officially an afterthought hahaha!
Yuri and Khairah

Joy and Yuri strike a pose while waiting for more comic and choco buyers haha! Photo credits: Myke and Robin
Myke gave me this awesome Iron Man piece which I would gladly add to my artwork collection.

Zaid also bought my stuff.  He tells me he's from Iraq and I said "Scary, man!" We both chuckled.
Another fave couple of mine haha.. Rasel and Sheena of Liga ni Likeman Comics!
Miss Karen and Miss Jaymee from the Cordillera School of Digital Arts
Vincie, the event MC, purchased MWIP with the Spider variant cover!
Carlo Vergara, one of the comic creators I really look up to, also got his copy of Baby Days!
Another personal highlight for me was finally meeting Jim Jimenez in person. Turned out one of my childhood heroes was really, really friendly and very, very approachable. I asked for a Vanguard sketch - one of his creations, a favorite of mine from way back my elementary years haha. He was a little shocked I asked for that character. He later tells me I made him feel old. Sorry, Sir Jim lol!

One final pose before leaving the event. Photo credits: Myke and Robin

Before ending this entry, allow me to extend my warmest thanks to everyone who dropped by our table, bought our comics, chatted with us and exchanged high-fives and fist-bumps with Yuri! Thanks to Remar as well for the gifts and also to Myke and Robin for the wonderful early-dinner treat at Azotea Greens. Of course, to Raymond and Christy Torio for accommodating us in their home.

Special thanks as well to my favorite collaborators Teardrop Cordez  for helping make the pages look good and Jaybee Bonus for pulling an all-nighter so we can finish Baby Days in time for the Kon. You did a great job with the layouts and letters, man. Plus we all love that awesome cover!

Photo credits: Komikon Baguio
Huge thanks to Komikon Baguio organizers (Gabriel, Tim Ex, Kristine and everyone else) for being a gracious host. You’ve all been extremely good to me and my family. Thank you for inviting us and making us a part of your event. We’re definitely coming back next year!