Sunday, April 21, 2013

Jumper Cable Reviews "My Wife Is Pregnant"

EK Gonzales of the Jumper Cable blog reviewed My Wife Is Pregnant comics.

Thank you very much for the awesome review, EK!

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I can’t remember how I first heard or read of this little webcomic series. Friends managed to convince him to finally release the strips as a compilation.

As the title says, these are the adventures of a young couple, Markus and Ligaya (Mark and Joy in real life), first as newlyweds and then in having their first baby. The adventures are rendered with clean and cute drawings. (In the online version it has simple but nice digital coloring.)

In neither its concept or its execution is this little series remarkable. It’s in warmth and heart that it is. This is more the story of true love played out in real life, in all its daily annoyances and absurdities. This is the story of two people learning to love each other more and more as each day passes, playing off each other and sacrificing for each other. This is a series that knows how to laugh at itself, and at its author. It’s a series that doesn’t hide the imperfections of itself and of the couple it presents. Rather it celebrates it, and the fact that love isn’t perfect, but you make it your own.

Every OB clinic’s waiting room should have this among its reading material (you can finish it while waiting to be called in for a consult), to help first-time husbands understand how they can best be helpful to their wives. The tips are humorous but heartfelt and honest. But it’s most memorable for being a personal view at what it’s like. If they can get through it, so can everyone.


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